Hi, I’m Simon Mark Hughes I’m 57 years old, I studied food and nutrition in the early eighties and currently own and run a small independent traditional wholefood shop with my wife a wholefoods expert and food professional.

Between us, we have over 60 years of experience working with wholefoods, special diets, supplements and alternative remedies.

Every day I am asked numerous questions about foodstuffs, diets, cookery and the benefits of healthy eating. ” wholefoods for life” aims to provide in-depth information about ways to maintain and improve physical and mental health especially as we all get older.

Personally, I’m not getting any younger, my back aches and it seems that writing is getting smaller and people mumble instead of speaking clearly….or is it just me!

Like anyone my age or older I’ve lived a life. I’ve had successes and plenty of failures.

Bits that make me look good.

I’ve worked in hotels, restaurants, schools, care homes and on ships as a professional chef.

I worked with severely autistic young men for 14 years. I was a team leader and trainer in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)based care.

I developed an “adventure training” based confidence building programme for young people that was nationally applauded.

I was a lifeboat crewman in the North Sea (ARRC’s).

At the age of 56 I achieved a BA degree with honours from the open university, I’m very proud of this one it took me 8 years!

I’ve been a useless surfer, a bad martial artist, a caver, a kayaker, a mountaineer and a hippy globetrotter.

Bits that make me look bad

My failures are far too numerous and boring to mention but rest assured I probably have as many if not more than you.

The bulk of my working life has gravitated around caring, supporting and educating other people. I hope I manage to pass on some of my knowledge and experience on this website and you find some value in it, thank you.

Simon Mark Hughes.