Cider vinegar for Arthritic pain relief.

This article answers the following questions and more.

  1. Does it work?

2. What is the Mother?

3. How do I take it?

4. Who thought of it to start with?

5.What does it taste like?

6. Does it help with weight loss?

7. What if I’m on Medication?

8. Which is the best one to try?

1.Does it work?

Yes, it does. I have sold cider vinegar in my shop for many years. I often ask my customers “does it work for you”? and the answer is nearly always a clear “yes”. Most talk about how it helps with joint pain especially in the hands.

2.What is “The Mother”?

Its not just any old cider vinegar you need, it must be “live” and have “The Mother” in it.

The Mother is all the live enzymes you don’t get in ordinary vinegar. It looks like bits of dust or tea leaves in the vinegar but don’t be put off, this is the stuff you want.

3.How do I take it?

You take it with honey, Water and molasses.

Take one TEASPOON of vinegar with one TEASPOON of honey in a glass of warm (not boiling) water.

Do this once a day.

Increase to one DESERTSPOON of vinegar with one TEASPOON of honey in warm water.

Do this once a day.

When you think it is helping you can change how much you take to suit yourself.

I take a teaspoon of black molasses every morning as well. This is part of the remedy developed by Nurse Hills.

So all you need to start is

One bottle of Organic cider with “Mother”

One jar of runny honey

One jar of molasses

4.Who thought of it to start with?

Nurse Margaret Hills S.R.N. healed her chronic condition in the 1960’s. She was inspired by an American Doctor called D.C. Jarvis.

5.What does it taste like?

It’s acidic so sweeten it with honey. Some vinegars are harsher than others. Try a few and find one you like. Honey is a vital part of the remedy, it has loads of benefits.

6.Does it help with weight loss?

Yes, and it does lots more. It’s a body- cleanser and helps to detox, it can help with digestive disorders and it improves metabolism and deals with excess fat in the body and so aids weight loss. 

7.What if I’m on medication?

Cider vinegar with the Mother is powerful. It is very important to check with your Health Professional before starting out. For example Warfarin can be affected.

8.Which is the best one to try?

It must be “with The Mother” and must be “Organic”. Then its just down to finding a favourite.

My personal way

I buy a 500ml bottle of cider vinegar and a jar of runny honey.

Pour the vinegar into a jug, water it down ( roughly half)

Mix in about an eggcup full of honey.(50ml)

Pour it back into a larger bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Drink when required, this saves time and washing up! And makes it less bother to take.

I personally take a swig (half and eggcup full) every morning after breakfast.

I also take a teaspoon of black molasses every morning.

Development of the cider vinegar remedy.

Nurse Margaret Hills was born in Kerry, Ireland in 1925. She came to England to train as a nurse and later was married and had eight children. She suffered terribly from severe arthritis for 16 years and finally found relief after researching the work of Dr Jarvis from America. She started taking cider vinegar and other things like honey and molasses. She wrote many books on the subject and set up a clinic in Kenilworth which offers help and guidance to many sufferers.

 Possible side effects and reactions.

One of the main side effects is weight loss. There is an effect on fat in the body and it is a diuretic. This is a real bonus for those seeking to lose weight but a bit of a shock if you’re not expecting it. Be sure to inform your health professional before you start experimenting. Cider vinegar is potent, it can effect warfarin and can make ulcers or hernias worse so always check with your doctor first. Molasses is a laxative so take it steady to begin with. Monitor the effects it has on your body. We are all different.

Honey, Honey, Honey.

The honey is not just there to sweeten the vinegar. It is a valuable addition to the remedy. Honey contains 15 organic acids including acetic, butyric, gluconic, malic and succinic acid. It also includes 12 mineral elements including potassium, calcium, sulphur, chlorine and iron. There are also 7 proteins and 17 amino acids including proline, glutonic acid and lysine. Honey is a powerful healer and natural health food. Honey is best if made and bought locally but for many of us that’s just not possible so

 Buy organic and buy runny honey as it is easier to mix with your cider vinegar.

Why is it so good?

Cider vinegar contains powerful enzymes. These enzymes can be seen in the form of “bits” floating around in the vinegar. It doesn’t look nice but rest assured, these bits are the active parts that are so beneficial. If you leave your vinegar in a glass bowl the following may happen if it’s a good vinegar ( I did this experiment). At first the bits start to look like underwater spider webs, white and cotton like. Then a film forms over the surface. It looks like clear cling film at first but then it gets thicker and looks like egg white (a week maybe).

The exciting bit.

If you pick out the thick egg white like film and put it in the sink then pour boiling water on it, it turns into an incredibly tough substance like leather! A demonstration of the presence of complex proteins in the mother.

Crude black molasses, cider vinegar and honey.

This combination is the powerful remedy used by the Nurse Hills clinic.

Molasses is rich in B1, B2 and B6 it also contains calcium, iron, potassium, riboflavin, biotin, pyridoxine, phosphorus, sodium, thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid and magnesium, in a nutshell it’s packed with goodness. It’s this in small amounts with the vinegar and honey that seems so popular and effective. Just take a teaspoon daily.

History of cider vinegar use in medicine.

There have been reports of Cider vinegar being used in medicine from as far back as 3300 BCE.

Hippocrates used it as a kind of antibiotic. It was reportedly used during the American Civil war by soldiers and was also used by the Samurai as a tonic. It became popular for use in weight loss during the 1970’s. Many physicians are sceptical and wary about its use but in terms of its uses based on scientific evidence to date no available studies qualify for scrutiny or conclusion. Always check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement or herbal remedy.


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